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  There are many large vegetable cutting machine manufacturers on the market, so there are many kinds and different quality. In order to let customers buy good quality and long-term use of large vegetable cutting machine. There are a lot of things to know about the purchase, so what are the key points to know about the purchase of a large vegetable cutter?
  The production and operation of each product does not exist, but consists of a variety of different components. Taking the production of large vegetable cutting machine as an example, its machinery consists of a rack, a conveyor belt, a vegetable belt, a slicing mechanism, a speed regulating box or a tower wheel speed regulating mechanism. Output of different shapes and lengths can be cut by installing different large cutting mechanisms on the cutting equipment.
  As explained by relevant personnel, the centrifugal slicing mechanism is used for slicing hard vegetables such as melon and potato, and the slicing thickness can be adjusted freely within a certain range. The vertical knife section can process soft vegetables or sliced leaves into various shapes, such as squares and diamonds of different sizes.
  The cutting length of large vegetable cutter can be adjusted arbitrarily in a certain range. Because the vertical knife simulates the principle of hand cutting vegetables, the processed surface is smooth and smooth, and the cut vegetables are intact and fresh.
  In order to save costs, some large vegetable cutting machine manufacturers churn out some spare parts on the machine so as to gain more profit margins, so they do not consider the problem from the perspective of customers. We need to consider the following:
  Stainless steel grade and thickness, do not understand stainless steel customers and friends may not see it at a glance, but a little understanding of stainless steel customers may distinguish its purity from the color.
  Motor is an important part of large - scale vegetable cutter. Ordinary aluminum core motor and pure copper wire motor, the two service life difference is large, choose them.
  Experienced people are required to study the frame materials, load-bearing materials and even power lines of large vegetable cutters.
  After starting the large vegetable cutter, be careful not to put your hand into the pressure belt, and keep a safe distance from the pressure belt to avoid being clamped or stuck. When using a large vegetable cutter for a long time, pay attention to check whether the switch and power cord are damaged, wet, stagnant water and other phenomena to avoid electric shock and other unsafe factors caused by electric leakage during use.
  In the process of use, if it is found that the conveyor belt and the pressure belt are loose, timely turn off the power for adjustment. But pay attention to the tightness of both sides, do not let the belt run away. Keep the machine clean, avoid contact with water and fill oil inlet frequently.
  As a kind of food machinery, the large vegetable cutter often comes into contact with various acidic and alkaline ingredients, which causes different degrees of corrosion to the main components of the large vegetable cutter. Therefore, everyone should pay more attention to some matters. If you don't know, please visit embassyspringsdevanahalli.ongoingproperty.com.