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Salad processing equipment is a combination of mechanical and electrical products, which is popular in the market at present. The machine has two types: desk type and seat type. It can process meat, melons, fruits and vegetables into pieces, silk, stuffing, mud, etc. it can also mix noodles and juice, and can also crush, grind, mix, etc. it can process more food at one time.
1. Power selection. When purchasing processing equipment, it is better to have high power, because high power will produce more food at one time. In addition, due to the high power of the motor, even if more food is processed, the motor is not easy to burn. As long as a small amount of food is processed by low-power processing equipment, the motor will heat up, and in serious cases, it will emit a burnt smell. If the number of times is too many, it is very easy to burn.
2. Daily disassembly and cleaning. When processing food, the cups, knives and relevant parts of the machine body are easy to adhere to dirt such as grease, debris or residual juice, so these parts should be removed from the machine body immediately after processing food for cleaning.
3. Use correctly. Place the machine base on a stable and firm table. First cut the food to be milled and stirred into small pieces (remove the bones if there are bones), then put it into the cup, and then connect the power supply. High speed gear or jog gear should be selected when processing meat food, and intermittent processing mode should be adopted.
In case of cutting or slicing, medium speed gear should be selected, and attention should be paid to the uniform feeding pressure. If the food is grinded, stirred or mixed, the low-speed gear should be selected. It is recommended that the one-time running time of the machine should not exceed 15 minutes, and the inching gear can also be used. If beating soymilk, rice milk, etc., wash the soybeans and rice in advance and soak them for 3-4 hours. The material cup and cutting tool of the processing machine cannot be mixed.
4. Pay attention to safety. When using high-speed gear, the motor speed is very high, so the operation time should not exceed 5 minutes each time. It is recommended to turn and stop to avoid motor overload, high temperature rise and motor burnout; When the processing machine is rotating, it is strictly forbidden to stretch fingers, chopsticks, knives, forks, spoons and other hard objects into it to avoid danger.
No load, overload operation and overtime operation are prohibited, otherwise the motor is easy to burn; It is forbidden to inject hot water higher than 60 ℃ into the mixing cup to avoid plastic deformation; Before the power plug is unplugged from the socket, it is not suitable to take food and disassemble the knife, so as to avoid accidentally pressing the power button and causing damage.
Never immerse the base into water for cleaning, so as not to cause leakage and burn the motor; When the processing machine is not used for a long time, it should be cleaned and wiped dry. The water should be put into the packaging box and stored in a dry place.
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